9 Workout Apps That Pay You to Exercise

Let’s be honest; working out can be challenging, especially at the beginning. You need some motivation to get up and get going every day.

You can join a gym, a fitness group, get a course, or anything that moves the needle for you. Or you could simply install and use workout apps that pay you to exercise.

It may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. There are mobile applications that pay users to get fit. You are only required to perform specified actions every day to make some money and reward yourself for your efforts.

Note that these apps will probably not make you rich, but a few extra bucks in addition to your physical fitness is worth it.

Ready to exercise your body and pocket? Continue reading to discover the apps that pay you to exercise.

Exercise apps that pay you to exercise

1. HealthyWage

The HealthyWage application enables users to earn cash by punting on their weight loss journey.

The app requires the user to wager money to back up their weight loss journey. The app is not classified as a betting app because all responsibility falls on the app user, which eliminates luck.

Users must create a profile and use the HealthyWage calculator to ascertain the amount of cash they can make based on the time frame they set and the weight loss target.

Users must drop at least 10% of their body weight as a goal and wager from $100 to $995 every month. The timeframe must be within 6 – 18 months, and alterations to this time frame would affect earnings.

Meet the target and get rewarded with cash. It’s a win-win situation.

2. SweatCoin

One of the most interesting names on this list is the Sweatcoin app. It is a unique app that pays its users in cryptocurrency to meet their fitness goals.

The app pays its users in Sweatcoins, and users can use these coins to purchase workout merch, buy gift cards and other rewards or even donate to charity.

The app works by tracking users’ steps through the phone’s GPS and accelerometer. Users earn $0.95 Sweatcoins for every 1000 outdoor steps taken. For every 20,000 Sweatcoins, users can earn $1,000 as a reward.

The app charges 5% of users’ earnings to keep the app free-to-join.

The app only records outdoor activities, which means indoor exercises like stair stepper and treadmill do not count on the app. The Sweatcoin app is free and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

3. Achievement

This app is tailored for athletes who are very consistent, and is free. The app is easy to use, and users earn by connecting the app to any of the thirty approved exercise devices, including Fitbit.

The app is suited to very active and consistent athletes as it is quite tasking to earn from. Athletes can earn from engaging in the following activities: Exercise, sleeping, eating correctly, swimming, and tracking walking steps.

Users earn points for every completed task, and once they cross the 10,000 points mark, they are eligible to receive a $10 reward for their efforts.

The app is not a go-to earning app for beginners but can prove a lucrative app for very active athletes.

4. Stepbet

The Stepbet app shares striking similarities with the HealthWage app, as users make money by betting on their goals and weight loss.

The app allows its users to enter fitness challenges with other users and participate in a range of specified activities for six weeks. Users are allowed to wager $40 and above to join this challenge.

The users are assigned goals and targets based on their weight loss targets and past activities. You must meet these goals and targets within the designated period to remain in the challenge.

When users make it to the end of a bet, the pool is shared with other users who have also made it through the challenge, and the user can take on new challenges.

Users can make about $5 – $20 for winning a game, and it provides an ample opportunity for fitness challenge lovers to earn decent money.

5. Charity Miles

The Charity Miles app operates entirely differently, unlike other apps. Users of the Charity Miles app cannot make any money from the app but can exercise to support charities.

All the money raised when users exercise on the app is donated to charity. The user has the opportunity to choose from a dozen of charity organizations where the money goes.

Users earn up to $0.25 for any charity of their choice by walking or running for a mile. Users can also earn $0.10 by biking for a mile.

The donations on the Charity Mile app are provided by brands that have partnered with the app as sponsors to provide a legitimate fund base.

6. DietBet

Another app that allows users to earn money while meeting fitness goals is the DietBet app. The app allows users to set a target, start a challenge, and split earnings from completing such challenges with other deserving users.

The challenge goes on for four weeks, and users are required to lose at least 4% of their total body weight to earn a part of the money.

The app requires challengers to submit their weight two days before the challenge kicks off. You must submit two pictures, one with the user standing on a scale and the other with the scale reading and weight on a piece of paper.

The app features monthly competitions and even annual weight loss challenges. The cash earned from these competitions varies and may be withdrawn using PayPal or obtaining merch discounts.

7. Rakuten

The Rakuten app may not be as popular as it is a hidden gem, and most athletes are not aware that they can earn from it. Rakuten provides a means for its users to earn cash to shop online when they exercise.

The app pays users to stay fit by paying you cash for buying various exercise and health-related merchandise. Some of the ways users make money from this app include:

  • 4% cash back on purchasing a Precor machine and cash back on certain specified equipment.
  • 3% cash back on the purchase of a FitBit.
  • 3% cash back when you purchase food from the finish line and cash back on specified meals on offer.

The app offers new users $10 when they sign up to open an account. All the money earned on this app is paid out through check or PayPal.

8. Lifecoin

The Lifecoin app shares similarly with Sweatcoin as it rewards users with its currency when they exercise.

Users earn money by walking outdoors and engaging in other permitted outdoor activities. These coins are later exchanged for prizes like gift cards or discounts on merch.

Users must amass $50 worth of Lifecoins to exchange the coins for gift cards. This might take a bit of time, but the app is worth trying as it provides an additional source of cash and the motivation needed to stay fit.

9. Winwalk

This app is very passive and provides users who walk a lot an ample opportunity to earn extra money. Winwalk is a pedometer app for Android and is easy and free to use. Once downloaded and opened, the app begins to count users’ steps.

Users earn 1 coin for every 100 steps they take, and users are only allowed to earn 100 coins per day which would require 10,000 steps. Users can use the coins to get gift cards from companies like Amazon, Sephora, Target, Dominos, Walmart, and many more.

Rewards start at $10, and users require 16,000 Winwalk coins to redeem a gift card. Very active users can earn up to $10 – $20 annually if they walk around a lot. The app also offers users the opportunity to earn coins through surveys, watching adverts, and downloading new apps.


These apps that pay users to exercise and keep fit may not be the most lucrative way to earn and will never make users rich. However, these apps provide the needed motivation for users to stay fit, live healthier, and get some reward.

These apps are just a click away from your phone’s application store if you ever need extra motivation.

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