Why Is My Headset Not Working on Xbox?

Headsets not working on Xbox is a problem every gamer detests because it can make gaming uninteresting and less interactive.

Because of this problem, you might be unable to listen to audio, others may be unable to hear you, or you may even experience both sometimes.

This guide will help you identify why your headsets are not working on Xbox. Read on to discover the causes and learn how to fix them.

Why Headsets Will Not Work on Xbox

There are several reasons why headsets will not work on Xbox. The most common ones include:

Headset Plug Not Properly Seated

Headsets will not work on Xbox if the plug does not sit properly in the Xbox.

Headsets connect to Xbox through the plug, but there will be a break in connection if the headsets do not sit well in the plug. This could happen if the headset Jack is loose.

Headset Volume is Low

Low volume could also be responsible for your headset not working on Xbox. Both devices may be working optimally, but you cannot hear other gamers because of a low volume.

Headset is Mute

As in the case of a low volume, the mute option is a factor you may likely not notice, but it is a cause of headsets not working on Xbox.

You will hear other people with a muted headset, but they will not hear from you.

Wrong Audio Setting on the Controller

The wrong Audio setting is one of the reasons why headsets will not work on Xbox.

The Xbox controller lets you customize your audio experience to suit your taste. You can adjust settings like Audio passthrough and Mono output.

However, a wrong setting on the controller may produce a low-quality sound or no sound at all.

Dirt on the Headset Connector

Heavy dirt on the tip of the headset connector will block integrated circuits around the headset connector, and the integrated circuits will fail to transmit audio to your Xbox.

Therefore, the headset connector should be clean and dry to enable the free flow of audio signals.

Wrong Output Selection

Party chat output lets gamers choose either headset, TV speakers, or both as output.

Your headset will not work when you set the chat output to the TV. In this case, the TV speakers will output the audio.

Wrong Audio Driver

The wrong Audio driver will keep your headset from working well, and that’s because it lacks the right software needed to produce sound from your Xbox.

Corrupt or Outdated Firmware

A corrupt or outdated firmware on an Xbox controller can cause several issues to the Xbox controller.

The issue may include no audio output, affecting your headset and Xbox.

Low Battery on Controller

When the controller’s batteries are low, they pass weak charges to the controller. As a result, the controller may malfunction and hinder your headset from working.

Headset Hardware Problem

Your headset will break over time because its components will wear out as you use it.

When it does, it may not work on Xbox.

Fixes for Headset not Working on Xbox

Now that you know why your headset is not working on Xbox apply the guides below to fix the issue.

Plug the Headset To Sit Properly

Unplug the headset, then plug it in firmly. The headset will sit properly in the port and should connect to the Xbox. If it does not, then the problem is not with the connection.

Avoid pulling the cord connecting the plug while unplugging it.

Unmute the Headset

You can fix your headset by unmuting it if you hear other people, but they do not hear your voice.

Flip the mute button on the headset adapter the first time. If it persists, you can flip it again.

Increase the Volume

If you cannot hear other people, you should increase the headset volume.

Increasing the volume will increase the audio output, and you should begin to hear everyone in the game.

Adjust the Xbox Settings

Adjusting the Xbox setting can give you a better audio output. For example:

  • The chat mixer settings can alter your audio output.
  • One privacy setting lets you select who you can hear.
  • Volume Settings lets you balance the volume level of the audio.

Steps to adjust volume settings

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Device and accessories.
  • Select the controller.
  • Adjust the volume Settings.

Steps to adjust chat mixer settings

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Display and sound
  • Click volume
  • Select Chat mixer
  • Select Do nothing.

Steps to adjust one privacy settings

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Account.
  • Select Privacy & online safety.
  • Click View details & customize.
  • Select Communicate with voice and text.
  • Choose everybody.

Replace the Battery in the Controller

Replacing the batteries in the controller will rule out the effect of weak batteries.

Clean the Headset Connector

Dirt will make your headset malfunction.

You can clean the headset connector by dipping cotton into alcohol and wiping the connector.

Change Party Chat Output

You can set your party chat output to the headset.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Display & Sound.
  • Click Volume.
  • Select Party chat output.
  • Select Speakers
  • Change the settings to the headset.

Update the Xbox Firmware and Driver

Ensure both your controller firmware and driver are up to date. Microsoft updates the Xbox firmware timely, and an old update may make the Xbox controller malfunction.

Power cycle the Xbox console

Power cycling your Xbox console can correct errors in the Xbox, including Xbox errors that affect your headset.

You can power cycle your Xbox with the steps below:

  • Long press the Xbox power button.
  • Hold the buttons till the LED turns off.
  • Turn off the controller and remove the batteries.
  • Leave the Xbox and wait for about 5 minutes.
  • Insert the controller’s battery again.
  • Turn on the Xbox console.

The power cycle is complete and should fix the Xbox errors.

Use the Headset with a Different Device

Try your headset with a different controller or a different device entirely. If the problem persists, then the problem is with the headset.

Replacing the headset will be an ideal solution. But first, try the next fix.

Use a Different Headset with the Xbox

Use a working headset with the Xbox. The Xbox should work well since the new headset is not malfunctioning.

However, if the new headset does not work with the Xbox, the console is faulty.

Consult the Xbox customer service to fix it or get a replacement for the console.


When your headset fails to work on your Xbox, the problem is probably with the headset itself, the controller, or the Xbox Settings. Use the guide in this post to remedy the situation and get back to enjoying your Xbox gaming experience.

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