Discover the Best Nude Beaches in Mexico

The vibrant culture, tantalizing cuisine, and pristine beaches of Mexico make it a popular tourist destination. However, it also offers some hidden gems for those seeking an uninhibited sunbathing experience. While not as widespread as in Europe, nude beaches in Mexico are gaining popularity among tourists and locals alike.

If you wish to immerse yourself in nature in its purest form, here’s your guide to some of Mexico’s best nude beaches.

Why Nude Beaches Are Gaining Popularity

The concept of naturism emphasizes respect for self, others, and the environment. Mexico’s rich history and inherent connection to nature make it an apt location for the naturist philosophy.

Mexico has many nude beaches along its coastline, popular among tourists.

These beaches offer a relaxed and open-minded atmosphere where nudity is accepted and embraced. You can sunbathe and swim naked at these beaches if you choose to do so.

Many of the beaches are secluded and surrounded by natural beauty, providing a sense of privacy for visitors. People of all ages, body types, and backgrounds enjoy the beach without judgment or self-consciousness.

The recent surge in nude beaches in the country is a testament to Mexico’s openness to diverse lifestyles and embrace of body positivity.

Best Nude Beaches in Mexico

Be prepared for a liberating experience in a place that allows you to fully embrace your natural state without any societal norms dictating how you should dress or look. Here’s a list of the best nude beaches you can check out in Mexico:

Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca

When one thinks of nude beaches in Mexico, Playa Zipolite invariably pops up in the mind. And rightly so; this place will provide a true Mexican nude beach experience.

Nestled in Oaxaca, this was the first legal nude beach in Mexico. The beach is sometimes called the “Beach of the Dead” due to its powerful underflows. It offers a bohemian vibe, with beachfront accommodations and restaurants that cater to the naturist community.

If you’d like a more secluded spot, head to one of the small coves that make up this beach. And if you want some action, there’s a section with restaurants and bars.

It doesn’t end there; surfing enthusiasts will love the beach. Playa Zipolite is popular for its stunning waves and surfing experience. While you’ll likely spot some nude surfers hitting the waves, feel free to put on some clothing if you’re the shy type.

Punta Serena, Jalisco

With white sand and clear blue waters, Punta Serena isn’t necessarily the best-known nude beach in Mexico, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful.

Located in Jalisco (a Mexican region with some of the best diving places), Punta Serena is a 5-hour drive from Guadalajara. However, for the peace you’ll find here, the trip is worth it.

The highlight of the beach is the Hotel Punta Serena & Resorts – an all-inclusive, adult-only resort costing around $200 per night. To access the Punta Serena beach, you must be a guest at the resort.

Alternatively, you can buy a day pass for $50 and enjoy the resort’s all-inclusive facilities, including a pool, nude beach, and all-you-can-eat buffet.

It’s a popular nude beach for couples, so expect to see plenty of young honeymooners around on your visit.


A 12-minute drive from Tulum center will bring you to the nude beach of the Azulik Hotel. The beach is located on a secluded stretch of the shoreline.

The stunning turquoise waters and white sand present a perfect place to relax amidst nature. Luckily, there are plenty of sun loungers and beach umbrellas; sunburn won’t be an issue here.

You can also grab some snacks and drinks from the thatched-roof bar at the beach.

While it’ll cost you around $430 for one night’s stay in this Mexican resort, for just $40, you can get a day pass and enjoy the resort facilities in addition to entering the Mexicana nude beach.

Hidden Beach Resort, Tulum

If you’ve got plenty of moolah to spare, consider splurging on a visit to the nude beach at this resort, as you can access the beach only if you’re a guest.

With the resort’s “go as bare as you dare” policy, you can strip off here without offending anyone.

If you find the resort impressive, the nude beach is equally stunning.

Stunning pools, gourmet restaurants, and top-notch suites await you at the resort. Unsurprisingly, this private beach at the Hidden Beach Resort is considered among Mexico’s best nude beaches.

Playa Sonrisa

A fairly secluded place, Playa Sonrisa is an excellent choice for an uncrowded and relaxed nude beach in Mexico.

With spectacular sandy shores and the foliage of palm trees, the beach also offers nude scuba diving, kayaking, and snorkeling.

If it’s an adventure you seek, you can most likely indulge in these activities in your birthday suit. After you’ve had your fill of fun activities baring it all, head over to the Loco-Nutz Bar and Grill to grab a bite.

Playa Puerto Angelito

One of Mexico’s best nude beaches, Puerto Angelito, is a private beach located near Puerto Escondido. It is perfect for enjoying the magnificent crystal clear water and luscious greenery.

The beach is also known for its snorkeling opportunities, with many colorful fish and sea turtles that make for a delightful view.

Although Puerto Angelito is among the best nude beaches, it’s also a top-rated nude beach, making it very crowded on holidays and weekends. You might want to consider that before getting too excited about stripping off.

Isla Coronado, Baja California Sur

What’s not to love about the magnificent Coronado Island as is? To top it off, imagine walking around an island without any inhibitions.

Get to the island on one of the boats from the Loreto Marina; the place will make you feel like you’re visiting a different country.

Blissful white sand, stunning waters, and the perfect weather make this one of the top nude beaches in Mexico. If you’re interested in indulging in some activities, there’s snorkeling, kayaking, visiting sea lions, and trekking to an active volcano.

For the ultimate experience, go glamping; enjoy a few days in a luxury tent by the turquoise sea, with starry nights and complete peace and tranquility for company. It’ll make an unforgettable experience.

Tulum Beach, Quintana Roo

This popular nude beach destination offers a more secluded and natural setting. Although not officially designated as a nude beach, Tulum Beach, known for its breathtaking Mayan ruins, has dedicated areas where naturists gather.

The upscale resorts and azure waters make it a favorite among naturists and luxury travelers.

Yerbabuena Nude Beach

In Oaxaca is a nude beach tucked away in a secluded cove on Isla Mujeres. The sandy shores and crystal-clear water make it ideal for sunbathing, swimming, or simply taking in the splendid views.

A relaxed vibe makes the beach ideal for those new to nudism. As a clothing-optional beach, feel free to shed your inhibitions and relax.

And while baring all could get scary the first couple of times, this nude beach in Mexico won’t have anyone batting an eye.

Etiquettes for Visiting Nude Beaches

While nudity is generally accepted and tolerated at these beaches, it’s still important to be mindful of a few things.

  • Respect personal space: Respecting others’ privacy, boundaries, and consent is essential.
  • No photographs without permission: Always ask before you click photos or engage in physical contact.
  • Gaze responsibly: As natural as it is to be curious, staring is considered rude.
  • Awareness: Consider the potential cultural differences regarding body image and nudity before you visit a Mexican nude beach.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Pack Some Sunscreen: Don’t forget to bring sunscreen! Nude beaches often have limited shade; protecting your skin from the sun is crucial.
  • Stay Hydrated: The sun can be relentless; drink water to stay hydrated and refreshed.
  • Pack the Essentials: Get towels or beach chairs for comfort and any necessary personal items since amenities tend to be limited on some nude beaches.
  • Check Local Norms: Some nude beaches may require an entrance fee or even membership. It’s best to research beforehand if there are any specific regulations or requirements.

Not all beaches in Mexico allow nudity, so research and find out which specific ones do.

Nudity on Mexican public non-nude beaches may result in fines or legal consequences. Ensure you’re visiting a designated nude beach before undressing.

  • Nudity-Optional Beaches: Not everyone at the beach will be completely naked. Some may wear minimal clothing or cover-ups while enjoying the nudist environment.

Above all, remember that these beaches are for relaxing and enjoying yourselves. Simply forget any preconceived notions about nudity and enjoy the freedom it offers.

Summing It Up

If you’re seeking a clothing-optional experience, you’ll be delighted to lounge around on one of the many nude beaches in Mexico. Popular options include Zipolite Beach in Oaxaca and Hidden Beach Resort in Riviera Maya.

Research local regulations and etiquette before visiting these beaches; it’ll ensure a respectful and enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re a curious traveler or a seasoned naturist, the beaches of Mexico will welcome you with sun-kissed sands and open arms.

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