Escape Boredom: 22 Entertaining Games to Play When Bored

Whether you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day or looking for an entertaining way to pass the time during a long commute, having a go-to list of games can be a lifesaver. From classic board games to innovative mobile apps, we’ve compiled a list of 15 games that will offer a thrilling escape from boredom. 

These games promise to spark your creativity, challenge your mind, and fill your spare time with hours of fun.

Fun Games to Play When You’re Bored

This comprehensive list has something that will appeal to every gamer. From solo activities to group games, regular games, or games you play to win money, you’ll find something that will make your time fly.

1. Chess

A timeless classic, chess is the ultimate mental challenge between two opponents. It develops your strategic thinking skills and helps you understand the importance of making wise choices. 

2. Scrabble

Scrabble requires a combination of verbal dexterity and an expansive vocabulary, making it perfect for stimulating your mind on a quiet afternoon. It’s also a great way to bond with family and friends over a friendly game of words. 

3. Monopoly

Monopoly is the ultimate economic simulator, testing your skills as an investor through buying, selling, and trading properties. With its engaging mix of luck and strategy, it can provide hours of entertainment for all ages. 

4. Sudoku

Sudoku is a logic-based puzzle game that requires you to fill in the blanks with numbers. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something to help sharpen your problem-solving skills and challenge yourself. 

5. Battleship

Battleship is all about strategy, as players try to guess the coordinates of their opponent’s ships and sink them first. With its unique guessing-game mechanics, it promises to deliver plenty of suspenseful moments. 

6. Pandemic

In this cooperative board game, two to four players take on the roles of a disease-fighting team as they attempt to save humanity from the brink of extinction. It provides an engaging way to experience the challenges of working together. 

7. Clue

Clue is a classic whodunnit game in which players must figure out who killed Mr. Boddy by gathering clues and interrogating suspects. It’s sure to keep you enthralled until the very end! 

8. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is the perfect game for train enthusiasts! Players must build railroads across the United States while competing to complete tickets that will give them bonus points. 

9. Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples can provide hours of irreverent fun as players use their creativity and wit to match noun cards with adjective cards. It’s a great game to play with a large group. 

10. Boggle

Boggle is an addictive word-finding game that requires players to assemble words from adjacent letter cubes within a limited time. It’s perfect for developing your spelling skills and testing your knowledge of the English language. 

11. Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles offer a great way to test your knowledge and expand your vocabulary. There are many types, from easy crosswords for beginners to difficult puzzles for experts. 

12. Charades

Charades is an entertaining guessing game that requires players to act out words or phrases without speaking. It’s perfect for promoting teamwork and communication while providing plenty of laughs. 

13. Trivial Pursuit

Test your knowledge with this classic board game that challenges players to answer questions about history, sports, geography, and entertainment. It’s a great way to stay sharp and learn something new! 

14. Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-tac-toe is a timeless game that players of all ages can enjoy. It’s a great way to teach children strategy basics while providing plenty of competitive fun. 

15. Hangman

Hangman is a classic guessing game that one or more players can enjoy. It’s perfect for passing the time while also exercising your brain! 

16. Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is a game of daring dares and revealing truths. It’s perfect for getting to know your friends better, but keep it fun and lighthearted! 

17. Poker

Poker is the king of card games, with millions of players worldwide competing for real money prizes. Whether playing online or at home with friends, poker is the perfect way to test your skills and challenge your luck. 

18. Hive

Hive is a two-player strategy game that requires quick thinking and creative problem-solving. It’s perfect for honing your strategic skills as you attempt to capture your opponent’s pieces by carefully placing tiles representing various insects. 

19. Werewolf

A popular party game, Werewolf pits villagers against the werewolves who threaten their village. Players must cooperate to figure out who the bad guys are before it’s too late. 

20. Codenames

Codenames is a team game that requires players to use their wits and communication skills to uncover mysterious words without giving away too much information. It’s perfect for challenging your mind and promoting teamwork! 

21. Carcassonne

Carcassonne is a tile-based strategy game in which players build up the landscape of Carcassonne while competing for victory points. With its simple rules and fast-paced gameplay, it’s sure to provide plenty of entertainment. 

22. Hide and Seek

A childhood favorite, hide and seek is a game of stealth and cunning perfect for getting some exercise. It can also help improve your problem-solving skills as you try to locate hidden opponents! 


These games can provide hours of fun and challenge, no matter your mood or who you’re playing with. So the next time you’re bored, why not pull out one of these classic games and get your game on? You won’t regret it. 

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