Common Issues With Sennheiser Headphones and Ways to Fix Them 

German audio company Sennheiser has one of the most renowned wireless headphones you can find.

Their headphones boast more quality audio output than most brands. However, despite their class-leading audio capabilities, you may encounter several common issues with Sennheiser headphones.

Some of these issues include charging and partial or sound connectivity. Learning more about these issues and how to troubleshoot them is crucial to maximizing your music experience.

This guide will help you figure out common issues with Sennheiser headphones and how to fix them.

Frequent Sound Drops

This is a common occurrence with Sennheiser headphones that use Bluetooth connectivity. You may experience this if there’s an obstacle between your headphones and media device. Occasional sound drops are also caused by being too far away from the media device.

Bluetooth connectivity works within a maximum range to connect to a device. When that range is increased, users may experience occasional audio interruptions.

How to Fix Frequent Sound Drops in Your Sennheiser Headphones

Any pair of Sennheiser wireless headphones have the maximum range indicated in the user manual, which averages 30 feet. Remember to check the range for your pair of headphones before using them.

Additionally, keep your devices away from enormous obstacles that may cause interruptions while using them.

Poor Connectivity

Connection issues are characterized by distorted or muffled audio from the headphones. Muffled sound is when the audio output from the headphones is lower than its actual output.

The reason why you might be experiencing muffled sounds on your headphones is due to damaged wires.

Sennheiser headphones may be sturdily built, but their wires might be their most vulnerable part. Constant twisting or bending of the cable during use may cause one or more of the wires inside to break.

Fixing Poor Connectivity in a Sennheiser Headphone

If your headphones have loose or broken wires, try sealing or covering them up using mouldable glue that sticks within a short time. However, if there are too many damaged wires, it would be best to replace the entire cable.

Sound Coming from One Side

Another common issue with Sennheiser headphones is having audio coming from one side, which is common with their R17 brand.

Sound from one side may result from a faulty cable connecting that side of the ear to the transmitter. It may also stem from a defective headphone jack that causes issues with the audio output.

How to Fix One-sided Sound in a Sennheiser Headphone

Check the audio cable for any wear or tear causing this issue. You should also inspect the cable for any bends and replace it if it’s worn out beyond repair.

Missing Audio Equalizer Settings

You may experience low-quality sound if you miss audio equalizer settings for your Sennheiser headphones, which usually happens on both wireless and cabled headphones.

How to Fix Missing Audio Equalizer Settings in Sennheiser Headphones

You can create high-quality audio output through the Sennheiser app. The app has an audio frequency equalizer that allows you to adjust your music.

You can also use your audio player’s music app settings to adjust the audio output to the desired quality.

Beeping Headphones

You may also experience beeping sounds from your Sennheiser headphones at times. This issue is characterized by random beeping whenever the headphones are in use, which probably indicates that your headphones need charging.

How To Fix Beeping Sounds in Your Sennheiser Headphones

Charge your headphones when you hear the beeping sound. However, if you experience the beeping from one side, this may indicate that the battery contact on that side needs cleaning.

Sound Volume is Too Low/High

If the sound from your Sennheiser headphones is too low or high, this may be caused by an incorrect setting on your media device.

How to Fix Low/High Sound Output in Sennheiser Headphones

Check the settings on your media device and ensure that the volume is at an appropriate level. You can also try adjusting the volume through the Sennheiser app or your audio player’s music app settings.

Headphones Won’t Turn On/Off

If your Sennheiser headphone won’t turn on or off, this may be caused by a defective power button or a faulty battery.

How to Fix a Sennheiser Headphone that Won’t Turn On/Off

If the power button is defective, you can try resetting the headphone by holding down the power button for a few seconds. If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the power button. Also, inspect the battery to confirm that it is correctly inserted.

Next, ensure the battery is adequately charged. If not, connect the headphone to a power source using the provided USB cable and charger.

You can try replacing the battery if it is faulty.

Mismatched Impedance

If you’re using wired headphones, you may notice a mismatched impedance or soft sound once you plug the jack on your computer or smartphone. Others may experience a higher impedance and require power to drive the headphones.

How To Fix Mismatched Impedance on Your Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser may have fixed mismatched impedance in their newer version, but classic models may experience this issue.

You can fix this by getting the more recent models or buying a headphone amp to drive your headphones. Look out for an amp with about 1/8th of your headphone’s impedance. You can get the amps on a desktop or portable form.

No Sound/Audio

If you experience no sound or audio coming out of your Sennheiser headphones, this may be caused by a few things. It could be due to a loose connection, incorrect setting, or defective parts.

How to Fix No Sound or Audio in Sennheiser Headphones

First, check all the connections and ensure that the headphone is properly plugged in or connected via Bluetooth.

Next, check the settings on your media device and ensure that the volume is turned up and not on mute. You can also try adjusting the volume through the Sennheiser app or your audio player’s music app settings.

Finally, reset the headphones by holding the power button for a few seconds.

Last Words

We hope this guide helped address some common issues you may encounter with your Sennheiser headphones. Remember to always consult the user manual for troubleshooting tips specific to your model of headphones. Also, feel free to contact Sennheiser customer support for further assistance.

Remember to take advantage of your warranty if it’s valid.

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